Personalized Student Learning Plan (PCI)

Thanks to this program offered by University of Salamanca, foreign university students with a high level of Span­ish language (B2 level required) can attend university together with Spanish students and register in a wide range of courses belonging to a large variety of university programs. They can also obtain a certificate stating the number of hours coursed and the final grade obtained.

Registration Process



To request your pre-registration through the PCI program please sign in to the course PREINSCRIPCIÓN PCI that you prefer.

If your registration has been not managed by the International Relations Department of the University of Salamanca through a mobility agreement you should be already pre-registered.

To request your pre-registation through the PCI program, please, sign into the course PREINSCRIPCIÓN PCI that you prefer.



A few days before the start of the registration process, your University of Salamanca Id will be sent to you to formalize your registration.



To view the student plan, please visit:

To consult the places available in the Personalized Student Learning Plan, please go to:

3.1 Click on the course PROGRAMA CURRICULAR INDIVIDUALIZADO (PCI) that you want to study.

3.2 Search for the subjects and choose the group you want to attend.

3.3 The system will ask you to enter your University of Salamanca ID information.

3.4 Validate your personal information.

3.5 The registration process will finish after paying the enrollment fees of the selected courses.

3.6 Upload copy of the requested documents on your student area (photograph, copy of your identity card, and any document that certifying you as a university student in your country).



May 7th, 2019 - August 22nd, 2019
September 10th, 2019 - January 16th, 2020