General conditions

Cursos Internacionales reserves the right to cancel or change those options or courses with too few students. If a course or option is cancelled, students will be reimbursed. Cursos Internacionales cultural courses and activities that do not attract a viable minimum number of students may also be cancelled. If this happens, your money will be reimbursed.

If a student has not paid for both the whole course and the accommodation fee once the course has started, Cursos Internacionales will have the right

  • Forbid the student to attend classes at any time.
  • Refuse the student the certificate and/or official accreditation proving their course attendance.

In this case, students cannot be reimbursed the amount paid.

The first day’s only academic activity is a placement test, which will be used to determine each student’s level of Spanish.

If you have chosen options which are only available to students with intermediate, advanced or proficiency levels of Spanish and are assigned a beginners level on the placement test, you will be assigned the options for beginners.

No classes will be held on national, regional and local holidays. These days will not be made up for.

By completing the application and registration forms below for any of the courses offered by Cursos Internacionales, you acknowledge that you have read and accept the General Conditions above.

Cancellation policy

Students who cancel registration before the beginning of a course in which they have enrolled are subject to the following cancelation fees:

  • For cancellations made at least fifteen days prior to the beginning of the course: 100 euros.
  • For cancellations made less than fifteen days prior to the beginning of the course: 150 euros.
  • Students will not be entitled to reimbursement of any part of the tuition if they are unable to attend or cancel after the course has already started.