Español ELElab Universidad de Salamanca is an extensive project by Universidad de Salamanca to teach Spanish as a foreign language.

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The method is suitable for young and adult learners. It is organized into four levels: A1-A2, B1, B2, and C1-C2. It has been designed according to the parameters set by the Common European Framework of Reference, in accordance with the Plan Currilcular by Instituto Cervantes and taking into account the great background of Universidad de Salamanca as a Spanish-teaching institution.
Español ELElab Universidad de Salamanca is composed of a whole itinerary along the Spanish language including different topics, such as culture, music, cinema… etc. Therefore, it is not only a language-centered material, but also focuses on other questions, in order to enlarge the knowledge of Spanish culture. Each unit comprehends the four language skills (speaking, writing, listening and reading).


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The main target users for this book are teachers of Spanish as a foreign and native language, non-native Spanish speaking people with a high level of fluency and even native speakers feeling curious about the way their own language works.
This handbook describes the rules regulating the different combinations of elements in Spanish phrases, the ways they can be interpreted and the particles which help build them.
The grammar has been conceived as a reference book to answer any doubt or to satisfy grammar curiosities. Contents are presented to the last detail, which allows to teach the grammar in an understandable, effective way.