Accommodation in Salamanca 2024

Accommodation for students of Cursos Internacionales of the University of Salamanca.


As a mere intermediary, Cursos Internacionales helps the students who so wish with their accommodation management.

Homestay accommodation is subject to availability. It may not be possible to ask for this type of accommodation on specific dates throughout the year.

Cursos Internacionales carefully selects families from Salamanca who host students in a single our double room and provide full board homestay in accordance with the following terms:

  • The accommodation fee will be previously paid to Cursos Internacionales, who will be responsible for paying the families.homestays
  • Both the day of arrival and the day of departure will be paid as half days.
  • Prices include homestay, bath or shower, 3 meals a day and bagged lunches for the excursions organized by Cursos Internacionales.
  • Laundry and ironing are not included in the price. To receive these services, it is necessary to pay the family the amount indicated in our webpage.


The student who requests housing, in family or in residence hall, will have to pay as accommodation management fee the following amount: 37€.

Prices (per person per day) 2024:

  • Single room: 26,75€.
  • Double room: 24,75€.
  • LAUNDRY AND IRONING ARE NOT INCLUDED IN THE PRICE. To contract these services, it is necessary to pay the family a supplement of 16 euros per week (to be paid directly to the family).. This payment gives students the right to two full loads of white and colour clothes respectively.

icon dorm housingDorm housing

Cursos Internacionales can also help students who prefer to live in a dorm to find housing in a dorm of, or associated with, the University of Salamanca, depending on the number of available places at each moment.dorm housing
Students choosing to live in a dorm have a double or single room with Internet service.
Students have also the option of full board accommodation or only accommodation. The hiring of dorm housing with the option of only accommodation does not give the right to use the kitchen, in case the dorm provides this service.
The accommodation period begins at 16:00 the day before the course starts, and ends at midday (12:00) the day after the course finishes. If you need to start the accommodation period before or finishes it after, please make sure to indicate it in the Other comments box of the online registration.

Students must bring their own towels and personal care products.

Accommodation fee does not include laundry. This service and its costs depend on each residence hall and, if used, the student must pay it directly to the residence.

Current prices are published in this webpage.

The student who requests housing, in family or in residence hall, will have to pay as accommodation management fee the following amount: 37€.

Final cost/fee may be increased if there are special diet needs, this extra charge will be reported once the booking at the residence is confirmed.

Prices (per person per day) 2024:

  • Single room, accommodation only: 23,50€
  • Single room, full board accommodation: 36,00€
  • Double room, accommodation only: 21,00€
  • Double room, full board accommodation: 33,50€

Dining services in dorm housing

In some dorms, students need a card with a magnetic strip, which is compulsory to access the dining hall. In these cases, students will receive this card when they arrive at the dorm housing. Students are only allowed to use the dining hall they have been allocated to. In fact, the card they receive will be valid only for that specific dining hall. If the card gets lost or damaged, students can ask for a new one directly in their dining hall, where they will have to pay 5 euros for the new card.

Cancellation policies for dining services in a dorm with full board:

  • If the cancellation is carried out at least seven days before the food service starts, students will be reimbursed the whole amount for the service. As students will be in the same dorm but only for accommodation, they will be reimbursed the difference between accommodation and accommodation with full board.
  • Students who have hired the services for less than a month are not allowed to cancel the food service once it has started.
  • If the food service has been hired for longer than a month, students can cancel it for the second and following months. In these cases, cancellations must be informed at least a week before the first month ends. Students will have to pay for the first month (either they use the service or not), but will be reimbursed the amount for the following months.

Accommodation reservation

Students can apply for their accommodation just at the same time as they are registering for their course, or can apply for it later, at least EIGHT days before the course starts. Accommodation application must always be made through the online registration application available from our webpage. If you request accommodation after having registered for one of our courses, you must do so by logging into your student profile through this application, using your user name and password:

The reservation of  the requested accommodation is subject to availability, and therefore the payment does not guarantee the availability of places at that moment. If there is no availability of the requested accommodation,  the student will be informed immediately and will be given the option to change to another type of accommodation or get a refund of the amount paid plus administration fees.

PLEASE NOTE: If the request for accommodation is made less than EIGHT days before the start of the course, it is possible that the booking cannot be made in time.

In the event that the course the student has registered for is longer than a month, and the accommodation is not booked and paid for a month, the student can apply for the prolongation of the stay at least SEVEN days before the start of the following calendar months of stay. In case of prolongation, the student will have to pay, also within the SEVEN days before the new month of stay, the amount corresponding to a month of the accommodation applied for.

Cursos Internacionales can only guarantee the accommodation reservation for the total period applied for and paid before the beginning of the course. If, when registering, the student only paid for the first month of accommodation, the month prolongation of it will be conditioned by the number of places available at the time of requesting the prolongation.


Accommodation Payment

Payment for accommodation must be made, at least, EIGHT days in advance of the start day. 
-    If the requested accommodation duration is EQUAL OR LESS than one month, the student must pay the total amount plus the administration fees.
-    If the requested accommodation duration is MORE than one month, the student must pay, at a minimum, the amount of the first month's accommodation plus administration fees. 
Cursos Internacionales will not proceed with the reservation of the requested accommodation until the above-mentioned amounts have been paid.
If the requested accommodation is not available, the student is entitled to change the type of accommodation or request a refund of the amount paid, including administration fees.
It is recommended to apply and pay for accommodation as far in early as possible. The sooner it is done, the more likely it is that the requested accommodation will be available and the earlier the student will have the details of the accommodation booked (in residence or with a family).

Cancellation policy

If the student cancels the requested accommodation before the start of the program, the following cancellation fees will be charged:


-    If the requested accommodation has a duration of 30 days or less:

  •     the cancellation takes place more than 60 days in advance, the amount paid will be refunded, except for administrative fees.
  •     If the cancellation takes place 60 days or less in advance, no refund will be made.

-    If the requested accommodation has a duration of more than 30 days:

  •     If the cancellation takes place more than 60 days in advance, the amount paid will be refunded, except for administrative fees.
  •    If the cancellation takes place 60 days or less in advance, a penalty of 30 days will be charged, plus administrative fees. 

Once the paid and reserved accommodation period has started, cancellations will be subject to a penalty of 30 days, or the remaining accommodation period, if less than 30 days.  In the event of cancellation, the student will not be entitled to any refund.