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Cursos Internacionales de la Universidad de Salamanca, the Spanish Real Academia de Ingeniería and Lenkua (education consultancy and management), three institutions with a great deal of prestige within their field, have united their expertise in the development of a Spanish course for specific purposes, pioneering in the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language.

"Technical Spanish" is a learning blended course of B1 level, that is specifically aimed at Engineering students whose mother tongue is not Spanish, engineers of different specialties, and architects and engineering-related professionals in these sectors that, more and more frequently, need a command of Spanish for work. The course consists of 125 hours of classes, 100 of which will be online and 25 will be face-to-face classes.
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See below for a level test in which you can check your Spanish level.


Through a dynamic, innovative and cooperative approach, the course wants students to perform well in everyday situations in their present and future professional life. Due to the increasing influence of Spanish engineering in the world and the growing strength of our language, they will need to communicate in Spanish.


(100 HORAS)

"Technical Spanish" is organized into six modules plus an introductory
module 0, in which students will become familiar with technical and
organizational aspects.


(25 horas)

Classes will be held in Cursos Internacionales de la Universidad de Salamanca
throughout the week. It consists of two parts: 8 hours of review sessions and 17 contact hours in which teachers from the Spanish Real Academia de Ingeniería will conduct activities, tasks and projects based on the subject matter of each module.



January 16th-April 14th 2018

September 15th-December 15th 2018


July 16th-20th 2018

*For the performance of the face-to-face course, it is necessary to have previously accomplished some of the online sessions.


Here you can take the test to check your Spanish level.


In order to pass the course, students will have to complete the activities relevant to each of the modules and reviewing exercises, assess the tasks done by other classmates and take active part in the class forum. These instructions will be explained in Module 0. They will also have to pass the written exam and successfully complete all face-to-face lesson tasks. After completing the online lessons, students will be given a document accrediting the completion of the 100 online hours.
The certificate will only be issued once students have finished both parts of the course, online and face-to-face. This certificate will be signed by representatives of the three organizing institutions.


Tuition fee: 1200€. The registration fee includes both online and a face-to-face lessons, full board accommodation of a single room in a host family or in a university dorm for the length of the course, from the day immediately before the course starts, to the day immediately following the last day of the course.

Amount Description Term
600€ 50% of course fee. Until five days before the start of the online sessions.
360€ 30% of course fee. Until five days before the end of the online sessions.
240€ 20% of course fee. Until five days before the start of the face-to-face sessions.

The gap between the completion of the online lessons and the completion of the face-to-face lessons can never be more than two years.
Included in the total amount of the course, Cursos Internacionales privides a medical insurance for the period of the face-to-face sessions.
This insurance is valid throughout Spain: Insurance conditions
Like all the courses offered by Cursos Internacionales de la Universidad de Salamanca, this course is subject to our: General conditions