With this program, the University of Salamanca allows the foreign student with a high proficiency level in Spanish, to share courses with the Spanish students enrolled in their faculties, and provides them the possibility to obtain a diploma including all the information about credits and marks obtained.

68.00€ tuition fee
70.00€ per ECTS

Registration closed


September 10th, 2024 - January 30th, 2025

Registration date

August 27th, 2024 - September 1st, 2024
October 12th, 2024: Fiesta Nacional de España
December 6th, 2024: Día de la Constitución (España)
December 9th, 2024: Día de la Inmaculada Concepción (Trasladado)

Through the PCI program you can register in up to six subjects (minimum two) each semester, to be chosen from the ones included in the syllabus of the University of Salamanca. You will need at least a B2 level in Spanish in order to participate in this program.

Only for students holding a university degree or having started university studies.

Students who want to take subjects belonging to studies of Spanish Philology must prove the mastery of competences related to the Spanish language proficiency equivalent to level B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (Second Additional Provision, Royal Decree 1892/2008, of 14th November, which regulates, at a state level, the access conditions to official university degrees and admission procedures to Spanish public universities).

  • You will have the opportunity to share the courses with Spanish students.
  • You will obtain a personal diploma with all the information regarding:
    • Courses taken
    • Number of credits of each course
    • Marks obtained

Registration Process



If your registration has been NOT managed by the International Relations Department of the University of Salamanca through a mobility agreement you should be already pre-registered.

To request your pre-registation through the PCI program, please, sign into the course PREINSCRIPCIÓN PCI that you prefer.



A few days before the start of the registration process, your University of Salamanca Id will be sent to you to formalize your registration.



Click on the course PROGRAMA CURRICULAR INDIVIDUALIZADO (PCI) that you want to study.

Search for the subjects and chose the group you want to attend.

The system will ask you to enter your University of Salamanca ID information.

Validate your personal information.

The registration process will finish after paying the enrollment fees of the selected courses.

Upload copy of the requested documents on your student area (photograph, copy of your identity card, and any document that certifying you as a university student in your country).

Subject searching

The subjects in which the student can enroll belong to the curriculum of the degrees offered by the University of Salamanca, excluding postgraduate studies.

The names of the subjects that the PCI students can register in and their availability can be checked at For those courses with limited availability, the students will be admitted by order of registration.

To make sure that your choice is suitable to your academic profile you must also check the course guides, timetables, contents and requirements for each course

The PCI program student will join the courses following the academic plan established by the teacher, such as, previous academic requirements to take the course, group distribution for practical assignments, rules regarding class attendance, marking scale, exam calendar, etc.

Changing subjects

If one or some of the subjects chosen by the student did not live up to his/her expectations, the student can change the subjects or remove them from his/her student record within the eight calendar days from the official beginning of classes.

Once this stipulated period has finished, no change of subjects will be accepted.

Rules regarding the change of subjects

Until the deadline, the student will be able to request a change or an elimination of subjects from his/her academic record, according to the following guidelines:

  • Up to three change or elimination requests will be accepted.
  • If any student would need further modifications, he/she must request those changes before the deadline and pay a management fee of 61 euros for each of the requested changes, added to the full price of the course.
  • No further requests will be admitted once the deadline has been reached.

Required documentation

Once the process is over, the administrative office of Cursos Internacionales, may request a copy of your ID as well as a document proof your status as a university student.


Once you have been signed up to the course of PREINSCRIPCIÓN, a pre-registration fee must be paid. This will serve as a deposit and will be deducted later, from the total sum of your registration fee.

Cancellation policy

In case you want to request the cancellation of your registration, this request must be written down and sent along with the original document that certifies your registration to the program, provided by Cursos Internacionales of the University of Salamanca.

Complete cancellation of the registration. The cancellation fees of the registration in the PCI are the following:

  • 100 € if the cancellation takes place up to 15 days before the courses begin.
  • 150 € if the cancellation takes place less than 15 days before the courses begin.
  • The student will not receive any refund if he/she quits the PCI. or requests a complete cancellation once the courses have started.

Insurance (108€)

If you want, you can take an insurance.

Cursos Internacionales grants assistance for all students provided by an international insurance company. For further information see the insurance conditions.


At the registration process, you can request International Courses to provide you accommodation in a university residence, or homestay with a Spanish family.

See the housing conditions.