This course is addressed to teachers who teach or want to teach language classes at Beginner Level (A Level), but it is not addressed to students of this level. The course is aimed at teachers of Spanish who want to follow the course structure: grammar- classroom – students’ needs – communication. That is why we have developed a 'grammar of objectives': a grammar to instead of a grammar for.


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January 29th, 2024 - March 8th, 2024

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January 26th, 2024

According to the CEFR descriptors, at the A1 and A2 levels, speakers can 'use basic sentence patterns', 'can satisfy simple needs' and 'can produce brief everyday expressions in order to satisfy simple needs'.

Where is the grammar there? Almost certainly it is everywhere because it is the thread of communication: grammar helps think, organize the information and makes understanding possible. It is the task of the teacher to analyze students’ characteristics, situation and aims to combine contents with communicative needs.

The course will focus on level A1 and tackle grammar issues which have direct repercussions throughout language use. Classificatory or functional aspects of just theoretical interest will be scorned. The course takes the communicative needs of students at level A1 as the starting point to build an adequate grammar explanation, and different kind of activities will be given so that teachers can think about them and include them in their classes. This course also aims to encourage collaborative learning among participants, which is a very important aspect in this kind of courses and mainly at this level, through the discussion of the teaching proposals and the exchange of teaching experiences.

The course is divided into six modules:

Módulo 0. Introducción. Cómo es este curso. Guía y foro de presentación
Módulo I. Gramática para comunicar: visualizar la gramática implícita.
Módulo II. Gramática para expresar: nombres, artículos y adjetivos.
Módulo III. Gramática para concretar: pronombres y determinantes.
Módulo IV. Gramática para actuar: el tratamiento de las formas verbales.
Módulo V. Gramática para compartir. Portfolio de recursos.

To get the certificate of attendance, the course participants will have to complete a final test, carry out activities to apply in the classroom, assess other mates’ tasks and participate in the forums. These instructions will be fully described in Module 0.

Course with continuous assessment of student performance, in which it will be especially important to achieve the aims of the different modules.