Cultural visit to León and Zamora

Saturday, September 16, 2017

The construction of the present cathedral of Leon began in the thirteenth century; the cathedral shows a refined classic Gothic design and is located on the Camino de Santiago. The construction imitates the French model, as its plant is similar to the Cathedral of Reims, although somewhat smaller. The Western facade, the main one, has three portals, like Reims, with a central rosette, and flanked by two Gothic towers of 65 and 68 meters respectively. There are 125 windows that deserve a special mention. They have 1.800 m² of medieval stained glass, which are considered the best of its kind in the world. The Royal Collegiate Church of San Isidoro is one of the most outstanding Romanesque buildings in Spain, due to its history, architecture, sculpture and the Romanesque remains that are preserved. It holds the distinction of a Royal Pantheon located in the narthex at the west end of the church; it keeps Romanesque frescoed ceilings and exceptional capitals. Zamora shows off as a small city, but great on history, culture and heritage offering. Zamora owns the best urban Romanesque style in the Iberian Peninsula, with more than twenty buildings. Douro River, presiding the city, is the iconic tourism reference in Zamora. The Cathedral, its ribbed dome… the delicate Modernist touch, the great Medieval legacy with countless characters, stories and legends: Doña Urraca, King Alfonso VI, Cid Campeador or the Siege of Zamora, the Castle and the Baltasar Lobo museum, together as a whole history and art.