This course is held in English. It is aimed specifically at students of Business, Economics or International Relations who are willing to study one academic semester in Salamanca.

1380.00€ /3 modules
460.00€ /extra module

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January 25th, 2021 - May 13th, 2021

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Until January 18th, 2021

The Business Program is aimed at students of Business, Economics or International Relations who want to take a semester in Salamanca and study a program which is held in English (B2 level required).

Within this program, you must choose at least three subjects per semester.

Each subject has a total of 45 hours. Apart from the three subjects of the Business Program, you can choose other subjects from the Modular Program and/or the Personalized Student Learning Plan (PCI), provided that their schedules are in accordance with the Business Program dates.

All subjects of the Business Program are held in English except for Español con fines profesionales, which is held in Spanish (minimum level of Spanish proficiency: B1/ Intermediate).

The main objectives of the course are apply theories, tools, and insights found in the field of international management to common real world scenarios mainly throughout the use of case studies, demonstrate or understanding of the similarities and differences among the peoples of the world and how they affect business management, discuss how various legal, political, economic, and cultural systems affect business attitudes and behavior and discuss the managerial issues related to strategic planning, human resource management, motivation, and leadership which arise in an international context.
The main objectives of the course are develop an international perspective, which is necessary in today's global markets, develop a level of understanding and working with financial models, acquire the ability to comprehend the concepts of globalization and financial crisis, develop and understanding of risk management, necessary to understand the working of the modern financial market and understand the procedures of international banking, entrepreneurship and regulation.
The main objective of this course is to provide an overview of the dynamics of e-commerce as well as the key elements of digital marketing and social network marketing. Emphasis is placed on practical learning with case studies, class and group discussions or the creation and presentation of an e-commerce website, including social network profiles or Google AdWords campaigns, among others.
This course will focus on the origins, development and current issues from a political and economical perspective. It will deal with topics such as: unity and diversity in Europe, European institutions, multiculturalism and multilingualism, the difficulties of a common market, etc.
The recent history of Spain provides a well acknowledged model of political and economical development. From the political point of view Spain went from dictatorship to democracy under a monarchic system in a very smooth way.
This course aims to deep in the learning of Spanish in a professional context. Students will practice their interaction skills in real communicative situations and they will work on the comprehension and production of texts in the field of business. BULATS Test included (official accreditation of Spanish proficiency for professional purposes)
This course will provide a general introduction to international marketing dealing with topics such as: making business in a global economy, strategies in export trade, international logistics, the impact of the new technologies in the world trade.
Business ethics is the applied ethics discipline that addresses the moral features of comercial activity. During the course we will analize the main philosophically-relevant questions that inform the conversation and ongoing disagreement among academic business ethicists systems.


The course includes insurance contract

Cursos Internacionales grants assistance for all students provided by an international insurance company. For further information see the insurance conditions.


At the registration process, you can request International Courses to provide you accommodation in a university residence, or homestay with a Spanish family.

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