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8 April 2017

Segovia is rooted in its Roman past; the superb aqueduct is still evidence. Other popular attractions include the Cathedral, very similar to the New Cathedral of Salamanca, and the Alcázar (castle), whose silhouette is impressive on the rivers Eresma and Clamores.

22 April 2017

The construction of the present cathedral of Leon began in the thirteenth century; the cathedral shows a refined classic Gothic design and is located on the Camino de Santiago. The construction imitates the French model, as its plant is similar to the Cathedral of Reims, although somewhat smaller. The Western facade, the main one, has three portals, like Reims, with a central rosette, and flanked by two Gothic towers of 65 and 68 meters respectively. There are 125 windows that deserve a special mention.

13 May 2017

Toledo is known as “the city of three cultures”, it holds a long history. It had an extraordinary splendor during the Middle Ages, when the city was one of the main centers of knowledge in Europe. It is located in an awesome place, on a foreland surrounded in three parts by the Tagus River.

19 May 2017 to 21 May 2017

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28 May 2017

El Escorial, World Heritage Site, was the political center of the empire of Philip II. This place, located in the mountains next to Madrid, was chosen by the king to build his palace and his dynastic pantheon. He also built a large basilica and founded a monastery. The Pantheon of Kings occupies a circular chapel under the floor of the basilica, decorated with marble and gilded bronze.

9 June 2017 to 11 June 2017

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